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Treatment Modalities

The treatment modalities I use are all evidence-based and identified as best practices. I am engaged in continuous learning through trainings, workshops and connecting with fellow therapists as a means of staying current and being informed so my clients benefit from the most resent treatment methods and research.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is an evidence-based therapy that begins with the process of identifying the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are undesirable. Client and therapist work together to discover more about these connections and then develop strategies to restructure or eliminate these unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.  This process can be brief (6-12 sessions) or incorporated into a more in-depth treatment process.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

EMDR is an evidence-based modality that allows healing for individuals who are living with ongoing emotional and/or physical disruptions that are connected to disturbing events that occurred earlier in life.  There are certain mental blocks that make it very difficult for other treatments to promote healing.  In these instances, EMDR can provide for quicker, more thorough processing of these blocks.  Disturbances that  can be effectively treated include for example, fear of speaking in public, feelings of intimidation, "imposter syndrome" and extreme fears, such as being around explosive-like noises, smells or fear of certain people or situations.


This evidence-based approach to change is about identifying the change one would like to see in their life, what they can control and coping strategies for things beyond control. By using this method, individuals increase their feelings of hopefulness and begin to view their problems from a position of positive power.


Other approaches to the therapeutic process that I am trained in include Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills (DBT-S), Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB). These are not modalities but are unique orientations to support healing when utilizing talk therapy.

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